A Definitive Guide to Selecting the Best Massage Chair

Choosing the best massage chair depends on selecting the most competitively priced chair with the best user friendly features. A massage chair not only relieves pains and aches, but also offers long-term health benefits such as keeping blood pressure in control. A massage chair eliminates regular visits to spas and massage therapists that reduce the recurring expenses of such visits. More and more people are thus looking for the right massage chair suited to their needs.

Why Massage Chairs?

Massage therapy has been in use since ancient times for relieving pain and tension in various body parts. With the rapid advancement of technology, massage chairs have become a viable alternative for therapy that replicates the human touch. With busier schedules, persons seeking massage lack the luxury of visiting spas or hiring professional massage therapists. These services also come at a price and require regular visits over an extended period of time. The massage chair is thus the ideal solution for people seeking massage therapy.

The following are the distinct advantages of using a massage chair.

  • Similar health benefits from traditional massage therapy can be obtained with massage chairs. Persons suffering from ailments that necessitate regular massages can be benefited from a massage chair. A massage chair relaxes the muscles and eases the tension and associated pain in the muscles. This also helps regulate blood pressure and improves blood circulation, thus releasing endorphins and strengthening the immune system. It is a great way to relax after a hard day’s work.
  • Unnecessary conversations can be avoided by using massage chairs. Massage therapists have the wrong notion that people under their treatment wish to open up to them and try and enter into conversations.That may not always be the case, and people preferring solitude will find the massage chair to be the ideal solution.
  • Massages can be obtained at anytime anywhere by a massage chair. A massage chair can be placed anywhere, be it at the home or the office. Schedules need not be built around therapists or spas, and you will have the independence to choose when you wish to have a massage and where.
  • You can select the massages you want. You have the option of choosing your own massage workout regimen through the various programs and modes incorporated in the massage chair. You need not leave yourself at the mercy of the therapist to provide massage that he or she feels is the best for you. Moreover, there is the distinct disadvantage that the therapist may have a bad day and can call off a session or not perform the massage adequately, while the massage chair is there for you always.
  • Massage chairs are cheaper. Though massage chairs come at a relatively large down payment, the cost involved is far less when comparing with the recurring expenses involved in visiting therapists on a weekly basis for three to five years’ duration. The only recurring expense will be towards maintenance, but that amount is minimal especially when compared to regular therapy visits. Purchasing a massage chair becomes that much more reasonable.
  • Your massage chair is your own. Your massage chair is your own, unlike a spa or massage center where therapists change depending on their availability and employment. You need not depend on strangers to provide you therapy after every couple of months. The massage chair is with you always, ready to provide massages whenever you require.

looking-for-a-massage-chairTips on Choosing the Best Massage Chair

Whether to purchase a massage chair or not is the initial decision that needs to be made by you. Once you have decided to purchase one, the decision of selecting the proper chair from the vast array of models available in the market gets to be difficult. Here are a few tips for selecting the right chair suited to your needs.

1. Prioritize necessity. An objective decision on why the chair is needed has to be made by you. Whether you need relaxation after a hard day’s work or a long day at school or whether the chair is needed for health benefit? Or is it that you need the chair to keep up with your neighbors who own these? If the priorities are ranked, the choice becomes that much easier, i.e., whether you are seeking a good-looking chair or whether you are seeking a chair that incorporates functions that are required by you.

2. Pricing. You need to decide on how much money you are able to allocate for purchasing a chair. Once you have decided your budget, choosing the right chair becomes easier. Massage chairs with basic features are suited for tight budgets while selecting a chair with extra features are suitable where finance is not a constraint.

3. Researching. Researching for the right chair will help you select the one ideally suited for your needs. The following factors need to be considered when selecting.

  • Build and construction. Durability of a massage chair is very important. The materials used in its construction and the body weight it can support are important considerations.
  • Massage coverage. You need to decide on the body part or parts that you are seeking massages for-whether you are looking for a massage chair that works on the upper and lower back, or a chair that massages the shoulders and thighs, or a chair that massages your soles. Some chairs also provide full body massage covering the entire area from the neck to the feet.
  • Massage types and programs. If you are looking for shiatsu, rolling, kneading, or a combination of more than one or two of these massage techniques, selecting the right chair becomes that much easier. There are integrated auto massage programs available in chairs as well that make choosing the right technique easier.
  • Customization and adjustments. If you are seeking customization of speed and intensity, you can select settings according to your preference to enjoy a more satisfying massage.

4. Shop around. An online search will help you in selecting the right chair. Read comparisons of features and specifications widely available online. After you have decided on the necessary features that you want in your massage chair, researching becomes easier and selection more precise.

5. Pick your seller. The store or the seller should have a solid reputation of delivering units in excellent condition coupled with efficient after sales service backup. Selecting the right store or seller is very important when purchasing your massage chair.

6. Check user feedback. Checking the reviews and testimonials of massage chairs that are widely available online will help you to get an idea of their performance in the field by actual users. The advantages and disadvantages of various chairs are also listed in many blogs and forums. It is important to educate yourself about what others have to say about the chairs to avoid any misgivings later.

7. Check Warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty on the chair and its parts as well as labor needs to be checked in detail prior to purchasing a chair. The massage chair should be durable enough to last a very long time along with the proper service and warranty backup.

It is thus not a very difficult task to choose the right chair. The above seven tips will surely help you decide the right chair that you need that is suited to your budget and massage requirement.

There are many options available for massage chairs in the market, and it is a relatively easy task to pick the right one for yourself depending on your budget and personal preferences. Knowing your requirement will help you in selecting the right massage chair.

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