Choosing a Massage Chair Based on Health Benefits Criteria

The most important criterion when selecting the proper massage chair is to determine the number of health benefits that the chair has to offer. Most massage chairs highlight their looks and technical aspects like performance, airbags, availability of programs and modes, or any added features. However, selecting the right massage chair should be primarily based on the health benefits that it provides.

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs provide a number of health benefits. They can be broadly categorized as under:

  • Pain relief: Whenever shoulder pain or back aches need to be dealt with expeditiously using the massage chair is the right solution for relief. The fatigued and overworked muscles of the shoulder and back can be worked by the massage chair to relax them and thus help ease overall body aches. The sufferings of cancer and other ailments that have a lot of pain associated with them can be alleviated to a certain extent by spending time in a massage chair. Symptoms of nausea and fatigue can also be helped by the massage chairs through the overall relaxation provided by them.
  • Stress relief: Headaches are primarily attributed to tension and stress. Massaging the head, neck and shoulders by a massage chair reduces stress and helps keep headaches at bay. Chairs with added on feature of heat therapy work even better at reducing tension and stress, thus reducing headaches and even eliminating them at times.
  • Muscle relaxation. Fatigue and soreness of muscles are caused by overexerting while doing strenuous activities. Relaxing and loosening the muscles by a massage chair with rollers and airbags in it with specific settings and programs to select movements of rollers and airbags targeting specific muscles can release tension in the muscles and help them relax. The Shiatsu mode in a massage chair works towards releasing tension in muscle groups.
  • Improved alignment of spine: Massage chairs that come with automatic recline function support the spine during massages and reduces pressure on nerves by keeping the spine lengthened and in its natural position.
  • Improved overall posture: Posture and balance can be improved through support of the back area by a massage chair that corrects misalignments of the spine, neck and shoulder muscles leading to better posture and balance.
  • Improved blood circulation: Improved blood circulation helps with injuries and ailments and eliminates toxins from the body. This can be achieved with a massage chair with the Swedish massage mode available in its functions. Improved circulation also stimulates secretion of endorphins that help cope with pain and stress, as well as increases flow of lymphatic fluids in the body to remove toxins that improves a person’s overall immunity
  • Eases sleeping problems: Relaxation of muscles by a massage chair reduces stress and tension which in turn induces better sleep. Insomnia and other sleeping disorders may thus be helped by using a massage chair.

Regulate high blood pressure: Using a massage chair to reduce tension and stress will also help keeping elevated blood pressure at bay.

Keeps depression at bay: The advantage of reducing stress and tension from the mind and body will also help in keeping away depression to a certain extent. This can be achieved by using a massage chair regularly.

Advantages of Massage Chairs over Traditional Massages

Similar benefits may be achieved by having the services of a professional massage therapist, but the massage chair offers quite a few distinct advantages over employing a masseuse.

  • One can use the massage chair depending on convenience and available time whereas the therapists need fixed appointments suitable to their schedule, so the flexibility of convenience is lost.

Massage chairs can be placed anywhere, at office, home, club, garage etc. Added to the convenience of flexibility of time, location of the chair suited to one’s convenience is a major advantage of using it.

  • A therapist may only have a couple of massaging techniques within the stipulated appointment time. A massage chair with more numbers of modes through programs will allow one to select a specific massage regimen targeting the muscle that needs relaxation and comfort and also to choose as many regimens that are required.
  • Other than the one-time payment for the massage chair, there is very little expense that will be incurred to use a massage chair. This definitely is a major advantage over employing therapists that need recurring payments over a greater length of time to achieve the desired results.

Selecting the right massage chair will thus mainly depend on your needs and budget. The benefits offered by a massage chair are many, and while deciding to choose the right chair you should go through the reviews of the different chairs available for guidance and selection. The benefits to your health by using a massage chair are immense, and NOW is the time to seriously think about purchasing one.

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