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Pros: WOW! Are you also saying it? It proves that I am not kidding earlier and indeed, Osaki 4000 really live up to its promises and brand. It guarantees you an all user-friendly configurations, ultimate comfort and a relaxing therapeutic massage to put your mind and body at ease. The price isn’t a problem as well because as you’ve read from the features, it is totally worth it. Amazon, the largest online retail store sells this furniture product for only $2,895.00. It has a 3-year factory warranty which covers full coverage for all parts and labor and has a Weight capacity of 265 lbs.
Cons: There isn't much to fault on the Osaki 4000. The only difficulty that has been found among a small amount of users is that assembly can be a little tricky.

Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage ChairOsaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity is our number 1 best-seller when it comes to high-class massage chair. It has everything all you need: Heat, Vibrators, rollers and even simulated robots—you name it and Osaki has it. With a price that’s worthy of its quality, your money will not be going down the drain. Osaki 4000 will act as your professional personal masseur that will give you satisfying results and more, much better than a traditional spa.

Features and Functions

The great thing about Osaki 4000 is its diversity—It has plenty of pre-set programs, new features never before seen in other models of massage chairs, and the awesome full-body therapeutic massage you are going to get. The Osaki 4000 has the deluxe quality and premium design that will truly make you say WOW!

So, what do you mean by Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity Design is the proper and correct ergonomic reclining position because it virtually takes all the burden of gravity from your spine making you feel weightless and deeply relieved. It corrects spinal alignment and expands lung capacity.

The most innovative and unique feature of Osaki 4000 is the set of S-track movable intelligent massage robots which gives special attention to your neck, shoulders and lumbar area according to your spinal curve. Using the body scan technology, it will automatically detect your body curve and make micro adjustments to give a more realistic and lifelike-touch massage therapy.

Osaki 4000 has six massage operations in which you can customize and these are:

  • Clapping: This massage technique is done by lightly knocking the deep muscles using your hollow hand. This will stimulate the nervous system and blood flow. It also reduces tension and promotes tightening of the connective tissues.
  • Shiatsu (finger pressure): It is a form of body therapy developed in Japan. The massage technique consists of gentle rhythmic twists and rotations using the power rollers with deep effect to relieve tension. Shiatsu aims to stimulate individual points in the body and to mobilize the muscles.
  • Swedish: This relaxing massage is applied to tissues, muscles and blood vessels to improve pathological changes in these areas, eliminate puffiness, promote hardness of muscles, and remove unfavorable blood circulation due to bad circulation system.
  • Rolling: It uses twin rollers that follow a certain up-and-down motion on your entire back. In this way, it stretches the worn-out and fatigue muscles.
  • Kneading: It is a firm massage that removes knotted muscles by loosening it and giving relief to the fibrous tissues.
  • Combo: It is a combination of the massage techniques to give off certain health benefits.

Did I already say diverse? I’m sure you will agree with me because aside from those six massage styles—there are more options and modes to choose from and these are:

Manual Massage options for the upper body: Full body, fixed and Partial.

Six unique pre-set programs: Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation and Demo.

It has a total of adjustable 32 Air Bags and these are all placed in areas that follow the standard acupuncture points such as feet, calves, back, shoulders, neck, and hips to relieve fatigue in these areas. The airbags are supported and run by 11 powerful motor system.

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In case you feel like something is lacking on the modes and styles mentioned above then you can use the Lower Back Heat Therapy which gives a soothing feeling to release those sweat and open up clogged-up pores during winter. It has a deep and warm-radiating effect to reduce muscle tension. It goes with Vibrators that are located in the arms, back and buttocks to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation as well as remove unnecessary substances in the blood, tissues and organs.

Osaki 4000 also gives automatic massage for the upper body which focuses on your shoulder, neck, back and lumbar area as well as your lower body especially your buttocks, thigh, calves and feet.

Another exclusive feature is given to the neck and shoulder which uses Air Pressure System by giving both your neck and shoulder air squeezes to give pressure relief. The Air massage also applies to the calves, feet, hips, back, and arms with five speed and intensity levels to choose from, however it doesn’t use power rollers on these parts. Both the calf rest and backrest can be lifted when doing the Zero gravity design and the calf rest also has the capacity to stretch.

It has a control panel with an LCD display that informs you on the area where the massage is taking place and it has easy-to-use controls as well incase you want to change the speed, intensity and pressure of the rollers or airbags. Aside from that, it has a wireless remote control if you don’t want to use the control panel or you are in a recline position and you don’t want to bother yourself in reaching the control panel.

There are also three kinds of width adjustable settings: the Wide, Medium and Narrow and these applies to the standardized Intelligent 4 roller systems which can be adjusted and customized. This massage chair uses twin rollers to replicate the feel of a human thumb, therefore making your massage a one-of-a-kind experience.

With regards to the automatic massage done on the full-body, it has an auto-timer for 5-30 minutes with different programming options. And speaking of the design, it is made with cool synthetic leather which comes in charcoal, beige, cream and brown to give your massage session the boost to truly enjoy every bit of it.

A massage chair this big covers an extensive area, hence it has ultra-long range stroke of 30 inches—good enough to make sure that not one area of your back is missed out.

Final Thoughts

Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair is engineered for total wellness and is equipped with overheat and power surge safety protection. Its health benefits are plenty like increase blood circulation, relieves muscular fatigue, and improves spine position among others. It also gives a comprehensive human Hand-like massage and many of its users have recommended it due to its excellent value.

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