Choosing The Best Massage Chair For Optimal Comfort & Relaxation

Dealing with stress and aching muscles after a days work is no laughing matter. It’s important to reduce our daily stress in order to maintain our sanity and physical health. One of the best ways to cure our stiffness and stress after a hard days work is through a massage – a gentle and warm human touch to relieve all those aching muscles and reduce physical and mental stress. In fact, having a body massage is not only a reliever of stress and anxiety but has also been proven to promote lifelong health benefits which decrease cardiovascular disease.

Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability, promote relaxation and well-being, and as a recreational activity” (Massage, Wikipedia).

However, many of us don’t have the luxury of a personal masseuse to ripe the health benefits from a regular massage. Besides the high costs of ongoing massage therapists sessions, many of us simply don’t have the time to devote to this. The alternative? Massage chairs. Your own massage chair in the comfort of your own home with 100% privacy. Not to mention you can use it anytime you want, without having to drive to the massage therapist and paying for every session. Manufacturers involved in Lifestyle and Health spend endless time and money on research and development to bring us unique technology that mimics the effects and practices of a professional massage.

What are massage chairs and why are they so useful?

  • Massage chairs are innovative furniture products which are affordable and user-friendly substitutes that can give you a full body massage right at your very own homes. It is compatible with any traditional massage done at the spa and offers more or less the same benefits like lowering blood pressure and removing muscle pains and aches. It reduces stress and tense muscles that were overused during your day’s work.
  • Massage chairs are accessible no matter where you are because these chairs can be place anywhere you want and you no longer have to travel from your office to go to your favorite spa. More, you won’t be pressured to meet the working hours of the spa too. Go home immediately and your massage chair will welcome you with open arms.
  • Massage chairs are money-incentive furniture because although its upfront payment is quite expensive, yet you’ll be saved from the constant payments every time you go to the spa which is done per session.
  • Another thing why should invest your money on massage chairs is because of the choose-what-you- like feature. There will be no one to instruct on what your massage should be like. With massage chairs, you can tweak with controls, setting and intensity to how your body massage should suit your preference.
  • Nothing is more comfortable than having your own Massage chair do the work for you. You won’t feel foreign to the machine and there is no talk to keep your mouth busy. It’s just plain you and the chair with the latter doing the massage you need and the former relaxing and getting a breather from his or daily routine.

Best Massage Chairs of 2015

  • Model: BestMassage EC01
  • Amazon Rating:
  • Stroke: Not Supplied
  • Airbags: 20
  • Body Scan: No
  • Weight: 400 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Not Supplied
  • Price:
  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Model: Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity
  • Amazon Rating:
  • Stroke: 26''
  • Airbags: 32
  • Body Scan:
  • Weight: 215 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Price:
  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Model: Inada Sogno Dreamwave
  • Amazon Rating:
  • Stroke: 28.4''
  • Airbags: 100
  • Body Scan:
  • Weight: 265 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Price:
  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Model: Panasonic Urban Collection
  • Amazon Rating:
  • Stroke: 27''
  • Airbags: 14
  • Body Scan: No
  • Weight: 144 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 264 lbs
  • Price:
  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Model: BestMassage EC-06
  • Amazon Rating:
  • Stroke: Not Supplied
  • Airbags: 30
  • Body Scan: No
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Data Not Supplied
  • Price:
  • Warranty: 1 year

Review on the 5 Best Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are constantly changing every year not only with their style and design but they are also added with pioneering features never before seen in other models. As for this year, we have compiled the top 5 Massage chairs in the industry based on their purpose, price, quality and customer reviews. In 2015, the leading brands from previous years are still making a huge impact in the market of home relaxation.

Picking a massage chair might seem a daunting task at first because of the assortments of top brands and units available today. However, with this guide—you will be more aware of the background and services offered by each massage chair. We want you to get only the best massage chair in the market, thus we are offering this product review to help you make smart decisions in picking your own soon. Keep in mind that a massage chair that is right for one person does not mean it will suit your needs. It is important to read and understand the wide range of features that is offered for each chair.

1. Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Inada Sogno DreamwaveThe Inada Sogno Dreamwave combines Shiatsu Massage movements with 8 Figure motions to deliver maximum relief and promote well-being. A Shiatsu massage comes from Japan and it means “finger pressure.” It involves the use of palms, stretches, fingers, and other massage techniques because practitioners of this art believe that a vital energy called qi can be unblocked through manual manipulations so the body can heal naturally. Inada Sogno has a built-in eight massage sessions such as “Morning”, “Night” and “Stretch” and can detect pressure points through a robot simulation of an actual Shiatsu master.

Plus, this massage chair crosses boundaries with different age groups. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old—the Sogno is designed for the ultimate comfort possible and the user can even do customized massage based on one’s needs. The Sogno Dreamware tackles everything from the neck down to the calf to give the customers the professional-quality massage they need. The easy-to-control remote with a cable is found at the side pocket and has buttons and controls for the eight pre-programmed sessions or use it personalized your own massage session. Without a doubt the Dreamwave is still leading the way as the most refined massage chair on the market today. The price is still a negative for this product but it is worth every cent.

It is made with anti-bacterial, synthetic leather and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. This Sogno is available in elegant colors which are perfect for either a home or office setting. Although, this is the most luxurious massage chair and clearly the best of its kind. The price ($8000-$9000) is something to work on, yet it will pay off every penny you’ve spent after you see the wonder it has done for you. No doubt that this massage chair garnered our top spot because it has won the hearts of global customers with its excellent quality. Read our detailed review of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave here

Get the Inada Sogno Dreamwave today


2. Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity

Osaki Executive Zero GravityYou are going to love this machine the first time you see it. It has twelve auto programs: Healthcare, Therapy, Circulation, Relax, Smart, and Demo and six massage techniques such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Rolling, and Combo. This massage chair can easily detect your whole body curve and gives special focus on your neck, shoulders, and lumbar area.

There is a complete massage for your lower body as well including the Buttocks, Thighs, Calves and Feet. The OS-400 features one of the finest quality massages without compromising the price ($2,895.00). This unit utilizes the use of S-shaped tracks with intelligent massage robots to give you a more realistic and gentle massage that you would normally receive from a massage therapist.

This device has been rated five stars due to its excellent value and even the pros far outweigh the cons. One disadvantage of this device is its heavy parts and the difficult assembly, but as a massage chair that works on the whole body. Well, you might want to consider that.

This chair is available in an assortment of colors and it can recline depending on the massage technique you have chosen. Read our detailed review of the Osaki 4000 Executive Gravity here

Get the Osaki 4000 Executive Gravity today


3. Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair with Chiro Mode

Panasonic Urban Collection Massage ChairThis massage chair has been a pride in the Panasonic portfolio because of its advance Swedish massage and Panasonic’s unique Chiro mode. Panasonic Urban Collection massage chair promotes good health by improving blood flow and achieve therapeutic muscle relaxation. It has 4 built-in programs which are composed of Shiatsu, Swedish, Quick and Chiro Mode and eight manual message operations like Knead, Compression, Swedish, Hawaiian, Full & Regional Roll, Soft Shiatsu and Tapping.

It is made of High Quality Leather Upholstery with an Auto-recline system thus, it includes your calf and legs together will a full-body massage fit for a professional. The striking brushed aluminum accents on the arms and legs impart an ultra-modern look to enhance any décor and the Air Ottoman System uses fourteen airbags to work on almost all parts of your body. Your neck and shoulders are given importance through a wrist-like simulating massage.

If you’re that person who doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for a massage chair, then Panasonic Urban Collection is the perfect choice for you with a cost of over $1.910.00. With top quality and advanced features, you can never go wrong with this massage chair. Read our detailed review of the Panasonic Urban Collection here

Get the Panasonic Urban Collection today


4. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C (BestMassage EC-06)

Electric Full Body Shiatsu EC06This is one the best full body Shiatsu massage chairs in the market. With power rollers to get the famous Shiatsu massage, you are guaranteed to relieve muscle stress and fatigue and rejuvenate the mind and body. It also offers Compression and Percussion features to improve flexibility, mobility and posture of your legs and thighs.

Another one of its pre-set programs are Chop Action Tapping and Flapping which reduce sores and aches found at specific points in your body, relax stiff muscles, and work out tense knots. It stimulates nerves and promotes better blood circulation. This super-cool massage has an extensive range of motion allowing the roller heads to reach the tailbone area and its heat intelligent roller system has over 30 air bags that will conform to the contour and shape of your back.

This massage chair comes with an Easy-to-follow install video so you will have no problem with regards to its assembly. This chair is fully automatic and it can raise and recline depending on your preference. It has a 1 year limited warranty (warranty paper is in the package) which includes full coverage of all parts for a year

Shiatsu BestMassage EC-06 Massage Chair has an updated design, functions and features for an ideal Massage chair. If you want an affordable massage chair for only $1,089.00 with high-end quality then, get the health benefits of a massage with this massage chair! Read our detailed review of the Shiatsu BestMassage EC-06 here

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5. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage (BestMassage EC01)

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu-Recliner-Soft 3D Hand MassageThis massage is specifically made to have a full-body Shiatsu massage without having to go the spa to get one. It has four intelligent roller systems to deliver a powerful and realistic back massage with massage heads that target certain stress points at your neck.

It has notable massage features like Rolling that moves up and down like the fixed-point of revolving finger pressing for direct and effective massage effect; Kneading which reduces muscle pain and works out knots and the famous Shiatsu Massage which puts the mind and body at ease.

One of the cool things that will make BestMassage EC01 as one your best investments is the Vibration feature which stimulates the dilation of blood vessels to eliminate impurities and toxins in your blood, tissues and organs. You can also choose multiple levels of intensity such as getting a strong massage to a more soothing weak massage with the control panel.

BestMassage EC01 comes with 4 built-in programs: Preset Recovery, Present Extend, Present Relax and Present Refresh and it has a 1 year limited warranty with a warranty sheet included in the package.

Your Shiatsu Massage experience will be one of a kind with this reasonably priced massage chair for only $1,300.00. A cheap and high-quality massage rolled into one! Read our detailed review of the Zero Gravity Shiatsu BestMassage EC-01 here

Get the Zero Gravity Shiatsu BestMassage EC-01 today


Tips to Help You Choose the Right Massage Chair

The massage chairs listed above are our top picks to help you get an idea of the perfect massage chair for you. And in case you’re stuck when you happen to choose your own massage chair—we have made an acronym as our tips to support you in your decision.

Budget: Know how to look for a massage chair that fits your budget. You don’t want to spend too much when the features presented are only limited and you don’t want a massage chair that’s way too cheap because who knows? Your massage might chair might not last for a month and your money is better off down the maintenance drain.

Reviews: There are online retail stores like Amazon in which you are given the opportunity to read customer reviews and firsthand personal experiences by these users. With these reviews, you will be more aware on the pros and cons of each massage chair. The ratings and feedback are also placed above the reviews for you to determine how good (or not good) is that massage chair.

Attention: Be attentive to each feature and specifications of a massage chair. You can do some research before deciding to buy one someday. Give your decision plenty of time and think of the benefits as well.

Warranty: You will need a massage chair that has a warranty so in case of issues; you have someone to go to. You don’t want to risk your money on a product that might not give you the cravings you’ve sought. Our top 5 list has 1-3 years warranty directly from the manufacturer.

Just remember B-R-A-W and you’re good to go in buying your own massage chair.

Final Thoughts

Truth be told, there are many massage chairs out there. But there is only a select few that are able to mimic the therapeutic effects of a professional massage. Furthermore, the massage chairs reviewed on are all backed by money back guarantees and have warranties by leading manufacturers in massage chairs. You can rest assured that these massage chairs are the best in the industry, proven by thousands of up to date buyer verified reviews on amazon and other leading online retailers. The only thing that’s left to do is to select a massage chair the ticks all the boxes for your personal needs. We are sure you will experience maximum comfort and relaxation with these industry leading massage chairs.
Your massage chair will be your lifelong partner in fighting off stress, physical aches and pains and improving your overall health.